YORK Dual NVG Bridge




6061 T6 Aluminium (Wilcox/Cadex link, spring pins)

PA12 (GF40) (body parts)

12.9 Steel hardware

Fabrication method:

CNC Milling, Selective Laser Sintering


Coyote brown, anodized

Disruptive grey

№ of parts:

11 (excluding screws)

Height (mm):


Width (mm):


Length (mm):


Part number:


For decades, militaries around the world are utilizing night vision devices to maintain the advantage over the opposing force. As with all innovation and further development, the image quality improved and the size and weight was reduced significantly. This gave soldier the ability to combine night vision devices with head mounted solutions.


With this evolution, the integration of the helmets and NVD’s took on a life of its own. The importance of a solid mount became clear as the use of NVD’s grew. The very first time the combination was made, tensioned helmet straps with rigid shrouds were the way to go. The next development was the J-arm. This gave the soldier the ability to quickly remove the NVD from his field of view by flipping it up. This is particularly handy in urban environments with constantly changing light conditions.


To take care of the downside of using a helmet strap (structurally deforming the Kevlar in the helmets for example), manufacturers started integrating shrouds on the helmet itself. Usually, these are bolted or glued on the front face of the helmet. The J-arm was fitted with a quick detachable mount for quick deployment of the NVD’s.


Changing budgets and constant improvements in night vision made the use of dual tubes more common in military, primarily special operations applications. For line units however, using monocular NVD’s remains the standard up until today. YORK Development is bridging the gap between the two world by offering the ability of full range of motion – independent NVD and helmet mount one handed operation – whether using a monocular or binocular setup.


The YORK NVG Bridge is designed as a modular NVD platform, able to switch out helmet mount connection and NVD connection. Made from durable materials like aluminum and glass fiber reinforced nylon and being designed and produced in the Netherlands, we are proud to offer a complete European product to the market.