YORK HK417/G28 Magazine Baseplate Tripod


YORK HK417/G28/MR308 Magazine Baseplate Tripod (MBT)


40% GF Reinforced PA12

Fabrication method:

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)


Dark Grey

№ of parts:


Height (mm):


Width (mm):


Length (mm):


Part number:


YORK 417/G28/MR308 Magazine Baseplate Tripod


This product provides a plug and play alternative to the rail-mounted bipod usually found on marksman- or sniper rifles.

 Supporting the rifle on the bottom of the magazine provides the shooter with a center of mass which is closer to the shooter and about in the center of the rifle.


This results in a wider range of mounting possibilities and a more even range of motion between shooter position and muzzle sway (thus, quicker target acquisition in the case of multiple targets).


What it also does is because of less weight up front on the rifle, is making switching roles of a DM (designated marksman) easier. The rifle is manoeuvred a lot better when conducting CQB type scenario’s with this setup.


It also frees up rail space on the front of the rifle for mounting lights, laser of foregrips, making it even more of a modular weapon system.


Accuracy is by no means affected between shooting from a conventional bipod compared to the YORK MBT.

The concept of this product was thought out by Rampant Logistics, a specialized company in Spain after close talks with Spanish special forces units. YORK Development aided in the development and production of the physical product. Be sure to check them out on Instagram (@rampantlogistics