YORK HK417/G28 Magazine Extension +5


YORK HK417/G28/MR308 Magazine Extensions +5


40% GF Reinforced PA12

Fabrication method:

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)


Dark Grey

№ of parts:


Height (mm):


Width (mm):


Length (mm):


Part number:


YORK 417/G28/MR308 Magazine Extension +5


This product extends the magazine capacity of standard magazine with five additional round of 7.62x51 NATO (or .308). This adds to the ease of changing roles. It works on every type of standard HK magazine for aforementioned types of rifles without changing the factory follower spring. Just plug and play.


It is provided with patterned indents for marking the magazine.

The concept of this product was thought out by Rampant Logistics, a specialized company in Spain after close talks with Spanish special forces units. YORK Development aided in the development and production of the physical product. Be sure to check them out on Instagram (@rampantlogistics