We are an engineering and trading company with a strong focus on the military and law enforcement market, especially in Europe. Our foundations lay in the Netherlands and we are always working towards expanding into Europe. Our work contains, but is not limited to, engineering (support), production, optimalization, distribution and research and development. 

We use our extensive network of technical partners, production facilities and training compounds (including a dedicated shooting range) to achieve tailor-made solutions for our clients and partners.


Additionally, we offer products directly to end-users. Every product and brand we offer is handpicked to ensure the right quality reaches you. Our goal is to put European made products to more attention as we are more than able to design and produce superb quality goods on our very own continent, reducing dependancy. Quick turnaround times, no silly export rules and supporting enterpreurship. 


Coming from an operational background in both military and law enforcement, we pick and design our products with the end-users in mind. Lightweight, durable and no nonense mounting solutions and accessories for clients in high demand environments.


If you are interested in our current product offering, please contact our brand reseller:


TBM - Technisch Bureau H.A. Müller B.V.




For custom engineering projects, get in touch. We can provide assistance with:


- Design and drafting

- CNC milling and turning (metals and polymers)

- Additive manufacturing (Industrial 3D printing)

- Rapid prototyping

- Technical support

- Production advice


- Reverse engineering

YORK Strutted ForeGrip (Picatinny)


The YORK Strut Foregrip (YSFG) is the flagship of YORK Development’s “Strutted Series”. The design has been perfected after extensive tests by military units in Europe. It is constructed of PA 12 which makes it very lightweight and strong, while the “Struts” in its design create a stiffness the same as using a solid plate.


The design allows it to be used in two orientations for a personal hand posture preference. The grip is ergonomic, low profile and is textured for an enhanced grip.


The YSFG is available in a S,M or L version to comply to your specific needs.


34,95 €

  • Available
  • Ships within five (5) days1