YORK Strutted Optic Mount Micro T2


Because of the increased implementation of monocular and binocular night vision devices, NBC (CBRN) protective facemasks and operating in urban environments (unconventional shooting positions) the need for optimalisation of rifle optic heights has been a point of interest for the industry.

Ideally, the coaxial distance between the bore and center of the optic should be as small as possible. But this results in an awkward head placement when using NVD’s or protective masks and presents issues when the operator or rifleman is confronted with an unconventional shooting position where it’s virtually impossible to optimize the posture.


By raising the height of the optic – especially red dots or holographic sights – relative to the mounting rail the shooter is less restricted in head placement to get an acceptable sight picture.


Most current day red dot and reflex sights have adopted a standard in mounting screw pattern. For this purpose, we designed the YORK Development Strutted Optic Mount series. It uses the AIMPOINT Micro mounting pattern. The strength and stiffness of the mount is realized by the geometry of the design and we removed all material which we didn’t need. This resulted in a light weight optic mount without limiting its strength (overengineering remains the standard). By input from former Dutch special forces operators we left out all unnecessary features and cemented implementation on current and future weapon systems.


By adding the optional 1913 NATO rail extension laser aiming devices can be mounted with an offset to the top rail of the rifle. This allows for a C-clamp grip without splashing the thumb. Please select the option in the drop-down menu if you'd like to order your Strutted Optic Mount Micro T2 with the rail extension.


* Does not ship with optic or laser aiming device.


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YORK Flip Down Mount 30mm


Another big advantage in the use of the added mounting height is the addition of a flip down magnifier mount, decreasing the amount of overhang and thus, places for your rifle to snatch on things.


The YORK Flip Down Mount accepts all 30mm magnifiers and functions essentially the same as the YORK Flip Mount for 30mm magnifiers, which has been in use within different Dutch Airborne units since 2018 without any complaints. It only flips the magnifier downward instead of outward. It is using a shielded low profile QD stainless steel locking wheel to prevent any hurtful fingers when installed on a side charging platform.


And the best thing about all this is that it is designed, machined and assembled in The Netherlands, proud member of the European Union!


* Does not ship with magnifier.


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  • Ships within five (5) days1